Recommended Sites


Richard Peabody’s venerable and influential Gargoyle Magazine and Paycock Press

Robert Giron’s independent literary press

An in-your-face guerilla publisher of hard-boiled fiction

The website of Viggo Mortensen’s publishing company; an interesting mix of literature, music, and politics

Exhilarating magazine of outsider art founded by Robert Williams. In other words, a magazine about art with content

Minimus, Washington’s magazine of short subjects, deeply considered


A man-about-town in a landscape of books

An excellent mixture of poetry and musing
Sarah Browning

Free and easy with her intellect
The Happy Booker


The world of Bardo Pond, the Philadelphia band noted for brilliant music that goes directly into the subconscious. Visit their home page at; or go to a fascinating multimedia experience at

Parlor Scouts, a very intriguing DC band that fuse a Brecht-Weill sensibility with the sound of early 80’s underground rock

The Picture is Dead, Washington DC’s synth, violin and vocal group with a growing fan base for their dry, witty lyrics

The Nanjemoy Creek Boys; an ambitious improvisational jazz/rock band from southern Maryland

Andrew Luttrell, the Baltimore singer/songwriter with a folk/rock sensibility influenced by Neil Young, Bob Dylan, U2, Cowboy Junkies, and many more.


Washington DC’s downtown arts complex

Curiouser and Curiouser:

Emily's Alternative Xmas Cards

Alternative Film

Website of Jeff Krulik, filmmaker known for the legendary
Heavy Metal Parking Lot

 Vintage Fashion

The Remix Vintage Fashion Shop in Alexandria, for discriminating ladies who know that retro is metro

For Mac Lovers

Andy Hertzfeld’s website devoted to stories by and about the engineers, artists, and programmers who created the first Macintosh computer


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