The Widening Gyre

The Widening Gyre

Artist: Emily Tellez

Emily Tellez’ prize winning installation, first shown at the Meyerhoff Gallery In Baltimore in 2000, is a dark, intoxicating swirl of torment and ecstasy. The title, taken from W. B. Yeats’ The Second Coming, depicts a frenzy of physical and spiritual extremes in a nightmare of re-birth. From a point of singularity, souls and DNA emerge into a whorl of consciousness in which figures from the Renaissance, pop culture, the sacred and profane, are pulled into a common destiny. The details in The Widening Gyre are intricate and fascinating: where else will you see Santa Claus, Alfred E. Neumann, and an alien Jesus sharing the same gravity?

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Poster size 18" x 24"
Original image size: 120” x 168”.

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